Who is RocketRide Games?

RocketRide Games is a boutique agency for the video game industry. We specialize in providing game developers, publishers and service providers everything from business development, strategic consulting, production enhancements and publishing help.


Our Services

Pitches & Biz Dev

We work to provide the deals to achieve your company’s goals. Every platform. Any territory.

  • Strategic/goal realignment 
  • Finding the right opportunities 
  • Finding the right partners 
  • Business development process refinement 
  • Helping to close the right deal 
  • Pitches and presentations improvements
  •  Contract negotiation

Project Management

Bringing a game to life isn't rocket science, but it's not a walk in the park either. RocketRide Games offers project management and production services to help you bring your ideas to life.

  • Establishing production best practices 
  • Scoping and defining milestones 
  • Production roadmap and planning 
  • Daily task tracking and approval 
  • Reporting processes 
  • Communication between teams 
  • Outsourcing management

Product, Concepts & Designs

At RocketRide Games, we believe that it all starts with a great idea. In order to provide you with the best chances to get your funding, we work with you on the foundation of your game.

  • Product evaluation & reviews 
  • Data analysis support 
  • Post-mortem analysis 
  • Business model counseling 
  • Strategic planning & roadmap 
  • Product acquisitions 
  • Monetization & F2P mechanic evaluations 
  • Mock reviews 
  • IP portfolio management

Marketing & Publishing

Self publishing a game takes a lot of resources and focus. RocketRide Games offers a variety of services to help your team self publish and generate the most out of your game.

  • Market research & analysis 
  • Forecasting 
  • Market positioning 
  • Product deconstructions 
  • Marketing plan & strategy 
  • User acquisition plan 
  • External reviews 
  • Marketing & Publishing guidance 
  • Brand analysis Licensing opportunity analysis
  • Relationship with IP holders

Meet The Team


Louis René Auclair

Chief Rider / Founder

Julien Charlebois

Chief Operating Officer
Julia Kenny White Background

Julia Kenny

Account Manager

Guillaume Taillefer

Senior Product Manager

Maerjon Nejat

Legal Counsel

Casey Lee

Chief Marketing Officer

David Ghozland

Senior Creative Director
Daniel Jose Cabrera Ruiz White Background

Daniel Cabrera

Account Manager

Michelle Brandstetter

Business Development

Steve Wall

Business Development
Ries Derkman White Background

Ries Derkman

Business Development

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